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Marcora is one of the main operators in the pre-processing and sale of flat carbon thin products.

Top-of-the-range and branded steel flat products intended for consumer goods


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25.000 di stabilimento

The various sheds that make up the production unit are either of very recent construction or totally modernized in compliance with the most recent legislative provisions and are absolutely free from asbestos cement roofing

The internal handling equipment is carried out with an internal transport system on electric locomotion rails and with sixteen cranes with a maximum capacity of 30 tons.

11 cutting lines

Attualmente Marcora SpA nei due siti produttivi di Inveruno (MI) e di Cuggiono (MI), dispone di 10 linee con capacità di lavorazione di spessore massimo 6 mm e larghezza massima 2000 mm:

  • 4 slitting lines for the production of strip widths from 12 mm to 2000 mm
  • 2 double cut levelers, one of which with the possibility of a trapezoidal cut
  • 2 cut-to-length lines with two straightening and levelling units and double longitudinal cutting
  • 1 line with double leveler in line and double cut, specialized in making small formats
  • 1 specialized leveler for refrigerator strips
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