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Production lines

In order to provide end user with excellent and constant quality over time, we realize an ongoing modernization of plants, in such a way that we can
always have the most advanced production lines capable of being able to generate a maximum annual production capacity of 300,000.
At present Marcora SpA in two production sites Inverno(MI) and Cuggiono (MI), has 10 lines with processing capacity of maximum thickness of 6 mm
and maximum width 2000 mm:

  • 4 slitting lines width range 12 – 2000 mm
  • 2 cut-to-length lines double longitudinal cutting; one line with trapezoidal equipment.
  • 2 cut-to-length lines with two straightening and levelling units and double longitudinal cutting.
  •  1 , cut-to-length line with two straightening and levelling units and double longitudinal cutting, specialized in working with small sizes.
  • 1 cut-to-length line specialized to manufacture sheets for casing for refrigerators.

The different buildings that constitute the production system, or are newly built or completely modernized in accordance with the latest provisions laws
and are absolutely free of asbestos cement roofing.

The internal handling equipments are executed with an interior rail transport systems in electric locomotion and sixteen cranes maximum flow rate up to 30 tons.


Marcora supplies its customers throughout Europe every day with punctuality, efficiency and accuracy through an extremely functional logistics service. The rapid delivery
service is the flagship of the company’s organization, ensuring maximum distribution punctuality.

The company has 3 warehouses (coils, sheets and finished products) in two locations (Inveruno and Cuggiono) wheare goods are stored in readiness for scheduled orders.
A small fleet of owned trucks dedicated to the transport of steel flat products in coils, strips or sheets, wants to ensure timely service delivery to the customer in every case.

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