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Electrolytic Tinplate is a low carbon steel coated on both sides with tin using electro deposition.

Marcora has an extensive range of high quality packaging steels in various widths, gauges and coatings.

Marcora size ranges:

Thickness Width
0,15 – 0,50 mm 0,30 – 1.000 mm

Electrolytic tin plate – Marcora grades:

TS230 TS245 TS260 TS275 TS290 TS550
TH415 TH435 TH520 TH550 TH580 TH620


Please contact us in order to study your specifications

Fields of application

  • tappi a corona
  • imballaggi alimentari e general line
  • imballaggi industriali
  • litografia
  • secchi metallici
  • fusti metallici
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