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By the Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, n. 231 the “Discipline of the administrative responsibility of legal entities, companies and associations also without legal personality” was introduced into our legal system (the “Decree”).

The Decree provides a regime of administrative responsibility – comparable, in substance, to criminal liability – for the entities which is in addition to the responsibility of the person who has concretely realized one of the crimes included into the Decree.

However, entities are not responsible if they have adopted and effectively implemented an organization, management and control model capable of preventing the offenses included in the Decree and have appointed a Supervisory Body with the task of overseeing the operation and observance of the model itself.

Marcora S.p.A. (the “Company”), in compliance with the Decree, has implemented its own organization, management and control model (the “Model”) and appointed the Supervisory Body with the task of monitoring its correct application.

The following documents:
Principles of the Model
Code of Ethics
are hereinafter published in the latest version approved by the governing body.

Anyone who have relationships with the Company is required to ensure compliance with the provisions contained in these documents. Any behavior in breach of the Decree or to the rules contained in the Principles of the Model or in the Ethic Code may result in the termination of existing relationships.

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